Rediscover Your Inner Magick

in the Heart of Nature

Wild Woodland Magick Retreat

Date: 12th-14th July

Venue: 1 mile from Delamere Forest, Chester

Are you feeling disconnected from your true self? Overwhelmed by the chaos of daily life and yearning for a deeper connection to the natural world and your own inner magick? Our Wild Woodland Magick Retreat offers a sanctuary where you can escape, recharge, and reawaken your spirit.

Imagine stepping into your own private 5-metre luxury bell tent, complete with a comfy double bed, fluffy duvet, and carpeted floors. Nestled in a secluded spot near a serene lake, your tent becomes your personal haven, a place where you can finally breathe deeply and relax.

What Awaits You

During this enchanting three-day retreat, you'll immerse yourself in a variety of magickal activities designed to rejuvenate your spirit and deepen your connection to the earth:


Escape the mundane and discover the forest's hidden treasures. Learn to identify and sustainably harvest wild plants, connecting with the land in a profound and meaningful way.

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Wild Medicine Making

Transform your foraged finds into powerful natural remedies. Experience the joy of creating your own herbal potions and reconnecting with the ancient wisdom of plant medicine.

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Rituals and Ceremonies

Participate in transformative rituals and ceremonies that will cleanse, empower, and inspire you. Feel the energy of the earth and sky as you honour the cycles of nature.

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Forest Bathing

Let the forest’s soothing embrace wash over you. Immerse yourself in the healing power of nature, releasing stress and restoring your inner peace.

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Shamanic Journeying

Embark on guided journeys to the spirit world. Gain insight, healing, and guidance from your spirit allies, enhancing your spiritual path.

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Spell Crafting

Harness the energy of the forest to craft potent spells. Learn the art of spell crafting, infusing your intentions with the natural magick of the woodland.

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Enjoy ample time to decompress, reflect, and simply be. Wander through the woods, journal by the lake, or meditate under the trees—this is your time to reconnect with yourself.

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Why This Retreat is Perfect for YouBullet list...

  • Feel Grounded and Connected: If you’ve been feeling lost or ungrounded, this retreat will help you reconnect with the earth and your inner wisdom.

  • Escape the Overwhelm: Step away from the stress of daily life and immerse yourself in the tranquillity of nature.

  • Reignite Your Magickal Practice: Whether you’re a seasoned practitioner or new to the path, our activities will help you deepen your magickal skills and reconnect with your spiritual journey.

Secure Your Spot

This intimate retreat is limited to just 8 spaces, ensuring a personalised and deeply enriching experience. Each spot is priced at £450. Secure your place with a £150 deposit today, with the remaining balance due before the 17th of June.

Nourish Your Body and Soul

Indulge in delicious vegetarian and vegan meals made from fresh, locally sourced ingredients. Each meal is lovingly prepared to nourish your body and energise your spirit, complementing your magickal experience.

Ready to Reawaken Your Spirit?

Don’t miss this unique opportunity to retreat into nature, deepen your magickal practice, and rediscover your true self. Reserve your space now and embark on a journey of self-discovery, healing, and enchantment.

£150 deposit to be paid upon booking, the remaining balance is due on or before 17th June.


if you would like to arrange a payment plan.


The Magickal and Medicinal Properties of Mugwort

The Magickal and Medicinal Properties of Mugwort

June 17, 20244 min read

"Nature does not hurry, yet everything is accomplished." - Lao Tzu

Hello, Wild Ones! Gather 'round in our sacred circle, for today, we embark on a deep, soulful journey into the enchanting world of mugwort. This isn't just any herb we’re talking about—this is the magickal, transformative, deeply connected artemisia vulgaris, a wondrous treasure from Mother Earth herself.

So, are you ready to embrace the wisdom, healing, and sacred rituals that mugwort offers? Get comfy, my beautiful souls, and let's dive into this incredible plant ally together! 🌿

What is Litha (Summer Solstice) and How Can You Celebrate

The Ancient Magick of Mugwort

Imagine walking along a woodland path, the scent of sage and rosemary wafting through the air. That, my dears, is the aromatic embrace of mugwort calling you home. Known for its deeply lobed leaves, green on top and silvery white beneath, and tiny flowers that cluster in wondrous hues of yellowish to reddish-brown, mugwort is a powerful herb that has woven itself into the tapestry of spiritual and medicinal practices across cultures.

A Brief Walk Through History

Our ancestors, wise and connected to the natural world, revered mugwort greatly. From the Greek goddess Artemis, the fierce protector of the hunt and the moon, to St. John the Baptist with his girdle of mugwort warding off wildness and fatigue, this plant's legacy is as varied as it is sacred. Native Americans considered mugwort a spiritual ally, using it to ward off ghosts and evil spirits—a testimony to its protective qualities.

The Healing Power of Mugwort

Here at The Wild and Untamed Way, we honour both the magickal and medicinal properties of herbs. Mugwort is no exception, offering a cornucopia of benefits to those who seek its guidance.

Digestive Aid Extraordinaire

A soothing mugwort tea blends perfectly with meadowsweet and chamomile to create a potion that alleviates stomach issues, from indigestion to acidity. Imagine that warming cup in your hands, each sip a gentle healer for your digestive system. Isn't it simply stunning?

Support for the Divine Feminine

This sacred herb is also a uterine tonic, helping to regulate menstrual cycles and ease menstrual pain. It connects us deeply to our bodies' rhythms, an honouring of the divine feminine within us all.

The Magick of Moxibustion

Have you ever heard of moxibustion? This ancient practice involves burning mugwort over specific joints to relieve arthritis and joint pain. The volatile oils in mugwort enhance blood circulation, transforming pain into wellness—a true gift of nature.

Embracing Mugwort’s Magickal Properties

Dreams, protection, divination—these are whisperings of mugwort’s magickal soul. Dream pillows, smudging, and divination rituals are just the beginning when working with this potent plant ally.

Dreamwork and Divination

For those yearning for vivid dreams and psychic awakening, mugwort is your sacred companion. A mugwort-infused dream pillow tucked under your bed or a warm mugwort tea before slumber can open gates to other worlds. Pair it with crystals like amethyst or clear quartz, and your intuitive insights will flourish, bringing clarity and deeper spiritual connection.

Protection and Spiritual Exploration

Whether as an amulet for protection or a tool for astral travel, mugwort stands as a guardian. Creating mugwort bundles or infusing it into your rituals invites its protective energy into your sacred space.

Culinary Delights with Mugwort

Magick and wonder extend into our kitchens, weaving together the medicinal and the delectable. Brew a mugwort tea, make a pesto, or bake some magickal shortbread cookies. Let the distinct flavour of mugwort infuse your meals, bringing nature’s nourishment into your body.

Join Our Vibrant Community

Don’t shy away from joining our ever-growing, nurturing community—the Wild and Untamed Ones Facebook group. It's a beautiful, supportive space where kindred spirits gather, learn, and grow together. Dive into live events, daily content, and the warm embrace of like-minded souls.

A Final Reflection

As we surrender to the transformative embrace of mugwort, we awaken our intuition, activate our inner magick, and rise to our highest selves. This incredible plant is more than just an herb; it’s a teacher, a guide, and a beloved ally on our spiritual journey.

Stay Wild, Stay Magickal, and Stay Cool Won’t You x. 🌙🌟

Are you ready to dive even deeper into the wonders of mugwort? Join me in our latest YouTube episode, "The Magickal and Medicinal Properties of Mugwort." Together, we'll explore the incredible ways this sacred herb can transform your spiritual practice and enhance your well-being. Click here to watch now and let the journey begin! Don't forget to like, comment, and subscribe for more earth medicine wisdom and shamanic witchcraft adventures.
Stay connected, stay magickal, and I'll see you in the video!

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Emma Louise Dyson

In the embrace of nature's whispers, Emma, a devoted Earth Medicine Woman, Shamanic Witch and Feral Rebel, weaves her magical tapestry. From the depths of ancient forests to the whispering winds atop sacred hills, she forages wild plants, communing with elemental spirits to infuse her witchcraft with potent magick. With every step, she honours the sacred balance of the natural world, dancing with the elements—earth, air, fire, water and ether—in rituals of reverence and empowerment. As a seasoned practitioner and teacher of witchcraft, Emma shares her deep wisdom and mystical practices with seekers eager to awaken their own magickal potential. Through her courses, workshops and retreats, she guides others to blend crystal energies, herbal wisdom, and elemental rituals, empowering them on their spiritual journey. Her teachings transcend mere spells and potions, serving as a sacred invitation to connect with the earth's magick and the transformative power within. Emma's expertise extends beyond the realms of magick, her career in jewellery and gemstones has taken her all over the world, from the renowned New York Diamond District to gem mines in Africa. As well as studying with the Gemological Institute of America, she also has six years of experience as a jewellery and gemstone expert on TV, and loves the cross over between the science and the metaphysics, Through her work, she invites others to explore the hidden depths of the earth, unlocking the secrets of gemstones and their profound energies. Deeply rooted in shamanic traditions, Emma's journey began under the tutelage of a fourth-generation Siberian shaman, where she learned the ancient wisdom and sacred practices that continue to guide her work today. With her shamanic training and intuitive connection to the spiritual realms, Emma facilitates transformative healing sessions, guiding seekers on a path of self-discovery, empowerment, and spiritual growth. As a Certified Shamanic Practitioner, Journey Facilitator, Soul Retrieval Facilitator, Accredited Crystal Practitioner, Plant Spirit Shaman, Ancestral Trauma Healing Practitioner, and Meditation Facilitator, Emma offers a diverse array of skills and techniques to support individuals on their journey of healing, empowerment, and spiritual growth. Through her sacred rituals and ceremonies, she invites others to reconnect with their true essence and embrace the magic of the shamanic path.

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